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How To Install LED Flood Light Correctly


The installation process of LED flood light is actually more complicated, and there will be many professional problems to be solved. Therefore, in order to install the product correctly, the following factors must be paid special attention.

The first is the requirements for installers, because these products are often more professional, installers must be professionals with corresponding qualifications,then they can safely deal with problems that occur during the installation process.

 Secondly, before installing the LED flood light, it is necessary to conduct a general inspection of the product. This step is very necessary. The choice of the installation location is also more important. If there are some flammable materials around during installation, you must pay attention to keeping a certain distance from it. Secondly, pay attention not to be too tight on the power cable, so that the power cable can have a certain buffer space, and the input and output lines must be extra careful. Throughout the installation process, a professional understanding of the circuit is required. And you must be very familiar with the composition of the circuit. Once the LED flood light is installed, the corresponding inspection and maintenance cannot be carried out without the presence of professionals.

 This process requires safety protection, and there must be no safety hazards. Therefore, the installation must be performed when the power is turned off.