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What is the color rendering index of LEDs?

2021-06-07 195

The degree to which the light source appears to the color of the object is called color rendering, that is, the degree of color fidelity. The light source with ...

How to choose the color temperature of LED Lighting?

2021-04-19 281

Different colors will cause people to have different emotions, and different color temperatures will also cause different reactions. The color temperature of li...

Which five main factors will affect the span life of LED lights?

2020-06-08 243

If you use a light source for a long time, you will get huge economic benefits and reduce your carbon footprint. Depending on

How To Install LED Flood Light Correctly

2020-06-08 281

The installation process of LED flood light is actually more complicated, and there will be many professional problems to be solved. Therefore, in order to inst...

How to choose LED light?

2020-06-08 148

How to choose LED lights, how much knowledge a light bulb has, most people don't understand. I only know that the whole world is bright when I press the switch ...